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3.2.9 Faculty/Staff Appointment PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 August 2009 18:50

3.2.9     Faculty/Staff Appointment

The institution defines and publishes policies regarding appointment and employment of faculty and staff.

Responsible Unit:     Chancellor's Cabinet

Compliance Judgment


Narrative: North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (A&T) appoints both faculty and staff in accordance with defined policies which are published on the A&T Division of Human Resources (HR) Web site [1]. The Office of the Chancellor and Provost and/or HR send e-mails to notify the appropriate faculty and/or staff any time a policy is substantially revised.

At A&T, searches for both faculty and staff are advertised and open [1], and discrimination is prohibited [2]. Recruitment plans are required for all faculty, academic officers, and administrative and professional personnel positions. These plans contain the description of the position, the required qualifications, the salary range, the equal opportunity/affirmative action statement, and any additional job-related criteria.  In addition, all employment must comply with the A&T Affirmative Action Plan [3].

Faculty: A&T faculty members are considered to be EPA (Exempt from the State Personnel Act) employees.  The procedures for the appointment of EPA faculty are described in the UNC Board of Governors Policy Manual [4] and the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University Faculty Handbook [5].  In addition, the appointment process is clearly identified in the "EPA Employment Procedure in Compliance with the Affirmative Action Policy [5].  The provisions that cover the process and categories of faculty appointments is described in the Faculty Handbook [6] and the Code of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina [7].

The faculty appointment process is primarily the responsibility of each department or academic unit. The process requires the involvement of a search committee consisting of departmental faculty. The dean and provost monitor compliance with the faculty selection process. The employment of EPA persons does not become official until a contract has been signed by both the employee and the chancellor of the university [4].  The A&T Office of Salary Administration, as well as the appropriate administrators, ensures that qualified candidates are employed.

Temporary or special faculty appointments such as instructor, lecturer, visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, writer- or artist-in-residence, and teaching, laboratory, or research assistants and associates hold non-tenure track appointments that are for only a specified term of service. The Code of the Board of Governors states "That term shall be set forth in writing when the appointment is made, and the specification of the length of the appointment shall be deemed to constitute full and timely notice of non-reappointment when that term expires [8]."

Staff: A&T staff members are considered to be SPA (State Personnel Act) employees.  Human Resources (HR) publishes on its Web site the criteria for eligibility for SPA positions [1], and this office is responsible for monitoring compliance with staff selection procedures.  The employment of staff is governed by the University of North Carolina System and North Carolina Office of State Personnel (OSP) [9] [10] .  Applying for staff positions requires completing an online application, interviews, and background checks.

Authority: The A&T policies discussed above are based on UNC System Board of Governors Policy Manual and the Office of State Personnel [4] [8]. The Code and Policy Manual of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina outlines faculty appointments and reappointments. In addition, all appointments shall be on the basis of merit and shall comply with the provisions of University of North Carolina Code.  A&T complies with all federal and state laws and undergoes periodic audits to ensure compliance [7].

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