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3.2.10 Administrative Staff Evaluations PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 31 August 2009 12:40

3.2.10     Administrative Staff Evaluations

The institution evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators on a periodic basis.

Responsible Unit:     Chancellor's Cabinet

Compliance Judgment



The "Personnel Policies for Senior Academic and Administrative Officers" of the University of North Carolina System require performance reviews of administrators for the purpose of improving performance and ensuring accountability for the achievement of the institution's goals [1].  At North Carolina A&T State University administrators are reviewed annually.   The Chancellor is responsible for evaluating the Vice Chancellors, and all Vice Chancellors are required to review their direct reports annually.  The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for evaluating the Deans.  Annual evaluation of Department Chairs, Assistant/Associate Deans and program heads are conducted by the Deans of the respective schools.  Department Chairs evaluate their faculty.  These evaluations are then reviewed by the Dean and finally by the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  Evaluations are used to assess the quality of the department or unit leadership and its accomplishments for the year under review.  Results of the evaluation are discussed with the person being reviewed and decisions are made about areas of improvement and continuation in the position [2].

Evaluation of the Chancellor: The performance review of the Chancellor is done by the President of the University of North Carolina System.  In 1996, the Board of Governors adopted an assessment process for Chancellors and other chief executives and Governing Boards of Universities in the system [3].  The purpose of the evaluation is to promote good communication and build strong working relationship between the Chancellor and the President, Board of Trustees, and the campus community.  The President develops the criteria and the procedures for the review.  The Chancellor has an annual review and a comprehensive review.  Every year for the first three years, the Chancellor submits to the President a report assessing the institution's goals and accomplishments, a copy of which is sent to the Board of Trustees.  The report serves as the basis for evaluating the Chancellor's performance and it is placed in the Chancellor's file together with any written comments by the President.

In the fourth year, and every four years thereafter, the President and the Board of Trustees conducts a comprehensive performance review.  The President develops the evaluation instrument and the Board appoints an assessment committee to do the review.  The results along with any response from the Chancellor and the President are placed on the Chancellor's personal file.  Chancellor Harold Martin's first comprehensive review will be in 2011.

Evaluation of Senior Administrators: The Chancellor is responsible for evaluating the administrative performance of the Vice Chancellors.  The Chancellor initiates the review, develops the evaluation instrument and collects information from peers and direct reports.  After consultation with relevant administrators, the Chancellor evaluates the Vice Chancellor taking into account the results of the survey and any other relevant information. The Chancellor discusses the results of the evaluation with the Vice Chancellors. The Vice Chancellors review the performance of their direct reports annually, except for the Provost/Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs who does both an annual and comprehensive review of the Deans. The results of the evaluation are discussed with the Deans and submitted to the Chancellor.

Deans are responsible for evaluating the department chairs, assistant and associate deans, and program heads annually.  In the case of department chairs, a comprehensive review, coordinated by the faculty senate, is also done every four years.  The results are shared with the dean, who discusses them with the administrator under review before submitting them to the Provost. The last time a comprehensive review was done in the School of Business and Economics was 2002.

Although the Chancellor is directly responsible for the appointment, evaluation, and dismissal of all administrators [4], he delegates the reviews to the administrator's immediate supervisor.  To ensure continuous improvement, all reviews contain a feedback mechanism, both to the person under review and to those persons who are supervised by the administrator being reviewed.

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