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Thursday, 03 September 2009 13:06

3.6.4 Post-Baccalaureate Program Requirements

The institution defines and publishes requirements for its graduate and post-baccalaureate professional programs. These requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs.

Responsible Unit: Division of Academic Affairs

Compliance Judgment



Currently, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T) does not have any post-baccalaureate professional programs. The institution defines and publishes requirements for its graduate programs. These requirements conform to commonly accepted standards and practices for degree programs.

A&T publishes its requirements for its graduate programs. The published standards for graduate programs follow the guidelines of the University of North Carolina System (UNC System) [1] and standard practices for such academic programs as specified by external accrediting agencies and program reviews. As presented in the response to Principle 3.6.1, the various A&T graduate programs, the School of Graduate Studies Council [2], and the Dean's Council use nationally accepted criteria published by the Council of Graduate Schools [3][4][5][6] when establishing degree requirements and reviewing graduate degree programs.

All graduate degree programs and requirements undergo several stages of initial and periodic reviews. Proposals for new graduate programs undergo review and necessary approval by the UNC General Administration (UNC-GA) twice - once to approve the concept of and need for the program, and second to approve the specific program contents, budget, etc. [7]. In addition to approval by the (UNC-GA), new programs, as well as curricular changes to existing graduate programs, undergo a thorough, multi-stage, campus review and approval process. The new programs/curricular changes are reviewed at the academic department level. This is followed by review at the school or college level. As mentioned in the response to Principle 2.7.1, Program Length new graduate program requests use an initial review by an external, learned body knowledgeable of the program's mission and content [8]. Additionally, new degree program proposals are presented to the Dean's Council, consisting of the deans from all seven university schools and colleges. Following these requisite approvals, proposals for new programs or changes to current curricula are sent to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee for approval, followed by review by the entire Faculty Senate. Finally, if approved, the proposals are sent to the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs for review [9]. Subsequent reviews are completed periodically in accordance with guidelines provided by external accrediting organizations such as the AACSB International for business [10] and accounting accreditation [11] and ABET for engineering accreditation [12]. A further means of review is the production of the biennial Graduate Catalog, which encourages each academic unit to review its current graduate programs, courses, and requirements for updates [13].

The School of Graduate Studies has the responsibility for coordinating all aspects of graduate degrees and post-baccalaureate programs as well as their policies and procedures [14]. These extensive policies and procedures are available in the Graduate Catalog located on the graduate school's Web site [15] and summarized in the School of Graduate Studies Student Guidebook, which was updated annually until 2007 [16] and is currently under revision and will be available online. The dean of the School of Graduate Studies is responsible for comprehensively and accurately including in the Graduate Catalog the general admission standards [17], the general degree requirements [18], the policies for transfer credit [19], and the rules and regulations that specifically apply to graduate students [20]. The dean of the graduate school works in concert with the other school/college deans, department chairs, and program coordinators in collecting, editing, and publishing the Graduate Catalog containing the graduate program descriptions, the required and elective courses for each graduate program, and the course descriptions. The section of the Graduate Catalog for the master's and doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering within the College of Engineering is illustrative of the program and course information provided by each graduate program [21]. Finally, the graduate coordinators/directors and advisors provide students with the most recent copies of graduate program handbooks, programs of study, and brochures for each degree and concentration. Examples are the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering's Graduate Student Handbook for M.S. and Ph.D. Programs [22], the School of Technology's Program of Study form [23], and the School of Business and Economics' brochure describing the Master of Science in Management degree program [24].

The requirements for all graduate programs are available online at the Web sites for the School of Graduate Studies and the various colleges and schools, and are available in hard copy from the associate deans, department heads, and graduate program coordinators/directors within each school/college. In addition to the available program material, all admitted graduate students will be provided with an online Graduate Student Guidebook [25], which contains information on: procedures for master's and doctoral degrees; most frequently asked questions (and answers) on admissions, graduate funding and financial assistance, and matriculation; tips for succeeding in graduate school; key school/college contacts and responsibilities; course requirements; and establishing North Carolina residency.

Each semester The School of Graduate Studies and each school/college offer orientations for entering graduate students [26]. In addition, the School of Graduate Studies provides a graduate assistant orientation/training for new graduate assistants [27], a Graduate Teaching Assistant Handbook [28], and seminars and personal assistance to graduate students for writing theses/dissertations [29][30][31]. Graduate assistants are evaluated annually by the program coordinators or department chairs to assure that their teaching, research, or administrative activities are satisfactory [32]. A "Plan of Graduate Work" is developed for and provided to each graduate student and is used to assure the student's progress toward successful completion of his/her degree requirements [33]. Documents and brochures are also prepared to assist graduate students with planning and conducting their commencement activities [34][35][36].

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