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3.2.7 Organizational Structure PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 September 2009 08:51

3.2.7 Organizational Structure

The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies.

Responsible Unit: Chancellor’s Cabinet

Compliance Judgment



Organizational Structure and Charts: North Carolina A&T State University (A&T) has a clearly defined and published organization structure that delineates the responsibility for administration of policies. The primary organizational chart for A&T is located on the Administration website [1] via a PDF document link [2]. The Administration website also has links to the Chancellor’s homepage, and the homepages of administrative offices reporting directly to the Chancellor including Division of Development and University Relations, Division of Business and Finance, Division of Information Technology, Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Research and Economic Development, and Student Affairs. The University of North Carolina (UNC) Administrative Directory website [3] also provides a listing of current A&T administrators [4]. Chapter III of the A&T Faculty Handbook [5], outlines the university’s administration organization structure including a synopsis of responsibilities and duties. The Undergraduate Bulletin [6] lists the university’s officers of administration and The School of Graduate Studies Graduate Catalog articulates North Carolina A&T administration [7].

Administration of Policies: Chapter Five of the Code of the Board of Governors defines the duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor [8]. These duties include keeping “the president, and through the president the Board of Governors, fully informed concerning the operations and needs of the institution,” making recommendations for personnel appointments, promotions, removal and compensation, and “enforcing all policies, rules, and regulations of the board of trustees.” The credentials and job descriptions of the academic and administrative officers who are responsible for the administration of policies are also referenced in the narrative response to Principle 3.2.8, Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers.

The Board of Trustees is responsible of overseeing university compliance with policies and for ensuring that proposed policies align with established of the Board of Governors regulations. Section IV of the Bylaws of the Board of Governors outlines the responsibilities of this body for maintaining institutional policy compliance with academic programs, academic degrees, honorary degrees, awards and distinctions, budget administration, building and property, admissions requirements, fees, tuition and other student services [9].

Academic policies are posted in the Undergraduate Bulletin of A&T [6]. In accordance with Section 502D(2) of the Code of the Board of Governors [10] and the UNC Standards for Shared Governance [11] the provost and the chancellor work closely with the Academic Senate in establishing new and revising old policies. Faculty committees (both ad hoc and standing committees such as the Junior Faculty Task Force [12] and The General Education Core Curriculum Review Committee [13] help to develop and revise policies as needed and forward these policies to the provost for modification, revision, and approval by the Education Policy Committee [5] of the Academic Senate. Academic curricula and new programs originate within the disciplinary departments and are approved by the curriculum committee of the college/school, a quorum of college/school faculty, the New Program and Curricula Committee of the Faculty Senate, and a quorum of the faculty before receiving provost approval [14]

A concrete example of a change in the academic policy process is found with the implementation of the new University Studies (UNST) general education curriculum. The entire process is chronicled on the UNST web site, beginning with a review of the general education curriculum commissioned by the Provost in 2002, a report summarizing the committee’s findings [15], an external review of the general education committee’s recommendations and a written response to the reviewers suggestions [16], followed by a year seeking input from all schools/colleges on student outcomes. Based on this feedback received during the curriculum developmental process, a draft revised general education curriculum [17] resulted and was moved through Faculty Senate approval process. The resulting new curriculum was then approved by a vote of the Board of Trustees, signatures of the Provost and Chancellor, and then the new academic program began implementation. An external review of the new University Studies general education program is slated for fall 2009. All records, meeting minutes, and a timeline of the entire academic policy change process is found on the Chronology, Reports, and Information area of the University Studies website. [18]

The Division of Business and Finance has general Policies and Procedures [19] linked from its main webpage [20]. The Purchasing Department, a service unit within the Division of Business and Finance, administers the procurement functions for A&T. Purchasing Policy and Procedures [21] along with university travel policies [22] are available on the Purchasing Department website [23]. A&T Personnel Policies [24] are available on the Department of Human Resources main website [25]. Changes in administrative policies and procedures within the Division of Business and Finance are often initiated in response to policy changes mandated by the UNC General Administration, the NC State Legislature, or the NC Office of the Governor. For example, recent spending restrictions were instituted based on memoranda from the Governor and outlined in an Expenditures Guidelines document disseminated to all university personnel [26].) A record of all communication shared with the university community concerning recent mandated budgetary changes is available on the North Carolina A&T State University 2009 - 2010 Budget Updates website [27].

The rules and regulations applicable to students are contained in the Student Handbook [28] available at the Office of Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Student Resources Website  [29] , the Undergraduate Bulletin of A&T [6] and the A&T School of Graduate Studies Graduate Catalog [7]. A centralized repository for university policies and procedures is currently underway. Having all university policies available in a single location will make administration and review of these policies more efficient and effective.

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