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4.6 Recruitment Materials PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 September 2009 14:54

4.6 Recruitment Materials

Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies.

Responsible Unit: Division of Development and University Relations

Compliance Judgment



At North Carolina A&T State University, the undergraduate and graduate admissions offices, along with the academic departments, schools and colleges, produce a wide array of recruitment materials. The public relations staff in the Division of Development & University Relations offers assistance to those creating recruiting materials. However, the accuracy of information being produced is ultimately the responsibility of the originating units.

Recruitment of students is guided by the admissions policies outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin [1] and Graduate Catalog [2], as well as newly established policies, such as the “Admission, Readmission, and Academic Standing, Probation, Suspension & Dismissal Policy [3],” approved by the Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees in 2007.

Admissions: The undergraduate admissions office [4] and graduate admissions office [5] serve as the points of contact between potential students and their families regarding recruitment. Materials supporting the recruitment and admission of students are found online at these sites. Working closely with the deans, admissions offices recruit students adhering to the established policies and procedures of the university. Recruitment materials and media, such as the “About A&T” video, accessible online, acquaint prospective students with the many dimensions of the university community, both academic and co-curricular [4].

Website: The university’s website has become a primary and cost effective source of disseminating information about academic degree programs and provides a wealth of information for prospective and current students. For example, College Portraits is one of the best online information sources for students and parents interested in a comprehensive overview of North Carolina A&T State University [6]. In its third iteration, the A&T portrait acquaints students and their families with essential information about the university, such as student characteristics, costs, housing, student experiences and perceptions, and campus safety, so that they can make informed choices. In addition, there is academic information about degree programs and areas of study, student learning outcomes, and retention. The University of North Carolina-General Administration requires institutions in the UNC System to use College Portraits, which are updated annually.

Radio Station: WNAA FM 90.1, the university radio station [7], covers 16 counties in North Carolina and southern Virginia and reaches an audience of well over 2M. A tracking log of programs confirms that an international audience also logs on to the station. Weekly talk shows, such as “A&T Today, the Radio Edition,” hosted by the associate vice chancellor for Public Relations, and “The Bottom Line,” hosted by a professor in the Department of Sociology & Social Work, provide call-in opportunities for the listening audiences. The talk shows have featured guests, such as the chancellor, dean of the School of Graduate Studies, director of the Center for Academic Excellence, and director of the summer bridge program. These guests have discussed undergraduate and graduate admissions, academic support services, and other topics to ensure that current and prospective students have accurate information about the university’s admissions and matriculation policies and procedures.

Student Newspaper: The award-winning student newspaper, The A&T Register [8], is a communication link to current and prospective students. Produced by Journalism and Mass Communications majors, the newspaper has a weekly circulation of 5,000 copies on campus and in the community. Memberships in The Associated Press, the Associated Collegiate Press, and the Black College Wire ensures that the newspaper is widely distributed, thus increasing its recruitment value.In print and online, the weekly newspaper covers issues and events of interest to students and gives prospective students insights into campus life. The faculty advisor to the newspaper would be the source for ensuring accuracy of information about recruitment information.

Academic Departments: The individual schools and colleges produce and review supplemental materials for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Other recruitment materials are posted on the university website. Examples of recruitment materials are provided for the College of Engineering [9], School of Graduate Studies [10], the Center for Distance Learning brochure on the Business Education program [11], and College of Arts & Sciences [12] [13] .

Advertising Campaign: In March 2009, the Division of Development and University Relations at North Carolina A&T State University launched a new advertising campaign [14] [15] that asks, “How will you make a difference in the world?” Part of a strategic effort to increase A&T’s visibility in the community and in the marketplace, the campaign is designed to communicate multiple elements of the A&T college experience and help prospective college students recognize that A&T is the place for them. The ads invite prospective students to come to A&T to make their own history and leave an indelible mark on the world. The campaign reflects the university’s historic mission to challenge students to realize their fullest potential. The admissions policies serve the mission.

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