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2.0 Core Requirements

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3.2.8 Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 September 2009 15:27

3.2.8 Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers

The institution has qualified administrative and academic officers with the experience, competence, and capacity to lead the institution.

Responsible Unit: Division of Academic Affairs

Compliance Judgment



North Carolina A&T State University has qualified, experienced, and competent administrators who effectively lead the institution. Senior officers include the Chancellor, Vice chancellors, Provost, Deans, and the Directors of major administrative, educational, research, and public service activities. Other senior officers of the University are associate and assistant vice chancellors, and associate and assistant deans [1]. The Chancellor is the executive and administrative head of the University. The Code of the Board of Governors for the UNC System (The Code) Appendix 1 (d), defines the formal process of selection and evaluation of the Chancellor [2]. At North Carolina A&T State University, the process involves public forums, screening by an Executive Search Firm, interviews by the Board of Trustees and a various constituents on campus to ensure the selection of the most competent individual available.

The current Chancellor, Dr. Harold Martin, who was appointed in June 8, 2009, has had a distinguished career as Professor and University Administrator. Prior to his appointment as NCA&T’s Chancellor, which followed an open and competitive search, Dr. Martin served as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of North Carolina System General Administration and Chancellor of Winston Salem State University [3].

The Chancellor is responsible for keeping the Board of Trustees, the President, and Board of Governors fully informed about the operations of the institutions. The code, Section 502.b (1) requires the Chancellor, each year, to prepare a detailed report, for the Board of Governors, on the operations of the institution for the preceding year and upon request, should be available to meet with the Board of Governors to discuss matters relating to the institution [4].

The Board of Governors , on the recommendation of the Chancellor, appoints and fix the compensation of all vice chancellors , senior academic and administrative officers and persons having permanent tenure (Code 500 (2), G.S. 116-11(5) and Gs 116-40.22(b) [5]. Their continuance in the position is determined by the chancellor [6]. The Code 300.1.1, sections II and III outlines specific policies and procedures for the selection of candidates for leading administrative positions (Vice chancellors, and Deans). At NCA&T searches are advertised and open, and discrimination is prohibited. Search plans are required for all administrative and academic officers. These plans contain the description of the positions, the required qualification, and the names of the persons serving on the search committees. In accordance with the NCA&T Affirmative Action Plan, the plans must be approved by the Chancellor or his designee. As part of the selection process, every administrative and academic officer submits a curriculum vitae, and a transcript of the highest degree earned. [7]

Senior academic and administrative officers serve without fixed terms. They are subject to the direction and control of the Chancellor and serve at the chancellor’s discretion [6]. All senior administrators are evaluated annually by the Chancellor. Similarly, the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs reviews the performance of the deans and other vice chancellors evaluate their direct reports [8].

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