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2.0 Core Requirements

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Friday, 05 September 2008 11:31

2.3 Chief Executive Officer

The institution has a chief executive officer whose primary responsibility is to the institution and who is not the presiding officer of the board.

Responsible Unit: Board of Trustees

Compliance Judgment



Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr. is the chief executive officer of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T). The chancellor neither serves on nor presides over the Board of Governors (BOG) of the University of North Carolina System (UNC System) [1] nor the A&T Board of Trustees [2].

President Erskine Bowles, who was elected in October 2005, is the presiding president of the Board of Governors; his continuance in office is determined by the BOG. Pamela McCorkle Buncum is the interim chair of the Board of Trustees of A&T and her term will end June 30, 2009.

The BOG appointed Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr. as A&T's twelfth chancellor in May 22, 2009 on the nomination of President Erskine Bowles of the UNC System. Dr. Martin assumed his position on June 8, 2009. President Bowles made his nomination from a list of recommended candidates by the A&T Board of Trustees [3] as stated in The Code of the Board of Governors for UNC System (The Code).

Chancellor Martin's curriculum vitae demonstrates that he is qualified for the position [4]. Dr. Martin became the senior vice president for Academic Affairs at the University of North Carolina System (UNC System) in July 2006. As the senior vice president, Dr. Martin led the development and implementation of the academic mission of the system, including teaching, research, international programs and student affairs. He advised President Bowles and provided leadership for the president's council. Dr. Martin advised the Board of Governors on academic affairs issues of university-wide importance; led strategic academic planning and the implementation of resulting policies affecting the system; worked closely with campus chancellors and chief academic officers on university-wide academic initiatives; worked to maintain the focus of the missions of the campuses, and implemented the academic portion of the system's long-range plan. He led the system's research and educational missions and oversaw academic planning; faculty support and international programs; academic and student affairs; sponsored programs and research; strategy development and analysis; and the North Carolina State education assistance authority, units which comprise the Division of Academic Affairs.

Prior to joining UNC System General Administration, Dr. Martin was the eleventh chief administrator and the seventh chancellor of Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) from January 2000 to July 2006. While at WSSU, he guided the reclassification of WSSU from a baccalaureate I to a master's II institution, created a School of Graduate Studies and Research, established seven master's degree programs and enhanced the quality of overall academic programs. While at WSSU the university's enrollment doubled since 2000, giving WSSU the fastest growing enrollment in the UNC System. Dr. Martin has written and co-authored numerous articles and has made many presentations at national and international conferences. He has served as a consultant to major corporations and companies and is a member of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society, Eta Kappa Nu, the International Honor Society for Electrical Engineers, and Beta Gamma Sigma, the International Honor Society for Business.

Earlier positions include vice chancellor of academic affairs at NCA&T State University (1994-1999), and dean of the college of engineering (1989-1994.) He was chair (1985-1987) and acting chair (1984-1985) of electrical engineering at A&T. Dr. Martin holds the bachelor and Master of Science degrees in electrical engineering from A&T and a PhD in electrical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Chancellor Martin's job description [5] aligns with The Code, chapter V, section 502 (B,C,D) [6] which details the chancellor's functions, duties, and responsibilities.

Section 502B of The Code outlines the responsibilities of Chancellor Martin to the Board of Governors and to President Bowles. Chancellor Martin (1) "keeps the president, and through the president the Board of Governors, fully informed concerning the operations and needs of the institution," (2), the chancellor shall "prepare for the Board of Governors a detailed report on the operation of the institution for the preceding year as of June 30 of each year," (3) "makes recommendations for development of the educational programs of the institution and shall serve as general adviser to the president, and through the president the Board of Governors, with respect to all programs and activities of the institution," (4) "is responsible to the president for the administration of the institution, including the enforcement of the decisions, actions, policies, and regulations of the Board of Governors applicable to the institution," (5) "make recommendations for the appointment of personnel within the institution. With respect to all personnel matters, including appointments, promotions, removals, and compensation for the institution's academic, administrative, and other staffs, which are required to be acted upon by the Board of Governors, the chancellor shall make recommendations to the president," (6) "shall present to the president all matters concerning the institution which are to be considered by the Board of Governors or any of its committees," (7) "shall participate in the development of the proposed budget of the University of North Carolina," (8) "is the official medium of communication between the president and all deans, heads or chairs of departments, directors, and all other administrative officers, faculty members, students, and employees."

Section 502C of The Code states the duties of the chancellor in relationship to the Board of Trustees. Chancellor Martin (1) "is to attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and to be responsible for keeping the board of trustees fully informed on the operation of the institution NC A&T and its needs," (2) "shall prepare for the board of trustees a detailed report on the operation of the NC A&T for the preceding year as of June 30 of each year." (3) "shall be responsible to the Board of Trustees for enforcing all policies, rules, and regulations of the board of trustees," (4) "shall be the official medium of communication between the board of trustees and all individuals, officials, agencies, and organizations, both within and without NC A&T."

Section 502D of The Code asserts the function of the chancellor in relationship to A&T. Chancellor Martin (1) "shall be the leader of and the official spokesperson for the institution; shall promote the educational excellence and general development and welfare of the institution," (2) "shall define the scope of authority of faculties, councils, committees, and officers of the institution," (3) shall be a member of all faculties and other academic bodies of the institution," (4) "chancellor shall be responsible for ensuring that there exists in the institution a faculty council or senate," (5) "shall ensure the establishment of appropriate procedures within the institution to provide members of the faculty the means to give advice with respect to questions of academic policy and institutional governance," (6) "exercises full authority in the regulation of student affairs and student conduct and discipline, subject to any policies or regulations of the Board of Governors or of the Board of Trustees," (6) "secures to every student the right to due process."

As chief executive officer of A&T and in according with The Code and the policies manual [6] of the UNC System, Chancellor Martin has direct responsibility for the operation and the management of the university and serves as the primary spokesperson and leader of the university. Chancellor Martin reports to President Bowles of the UNC System and through the president to its Board of Governors, whose members are appointed by the North Carolina Legislature and the governor of North Carolina.

Supporting Documents

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[4] Chancellor, Harold Martin, vitae, 2009

[5] Chancellor, Leadership statement and Job Description from Chancellor's Search

[6] UNC-GA, Code, Chapter V, Section 502A, Duties of the Chancellor

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