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3.4.11 Academic Program Coordination PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 09:22

3.4.11     Academic Program Coordination

For each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination, as well as for curriculum development and review, to persons academically qualified in the field. In those degree programs for which the institution does not identify a major, this requirement applies to a curricular area or concentration.

Responsible Unit: Division of Academic Affairs

Compliance Judgment



Academic program coordination at North Carolina A&T State University resides with the department chairs and program coordinators.  The chairs serve for an undefined period and are hired into the position through a search process as opposed to being assigned, or promoted, from the faculty ranks.  For departments with highly specialized or multiple majors, there are program coordinators.

For example, the Department of Visual & Performing Arts [1] has programs in dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts.  Each of the programs has a program director.  The directors have the appropriate degrees for their specialization.  The dance director has a Master of Arts (MA) degree in dance.  The music director holds the Master of Music Education (MME) degree.  The theatre arts program director has the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in theatre.  The visual arts program director holds a Master of Product Design (MPD) in visual design and PhD in computer graphics in art design.

The selection process for chairs follows the standard hiring practices of the university.  Typically, the dean of the school/college, or an associate/assistant dean in the school/college, chairs the search committee.  The job description is posted on the university and state human resources websites for a minimum of thirty days.  The search committee reviews the credentials of applicants and invites a short list of candidates to campus for an in-person interview.  Interview protocols are created and followed to ensure fairness in the process.

Since the department chairs at A&T generally teach a reduced course load of one to two courses a semester, their annual performance appraisal is similar to the faculty.  Once hired the chair's faculty performance is appraised annually.

Performance reviews are the responsibility of the deans of the respective schools/colleges.  The evaluations are on file in the deans offices.

Chairs are credentialed in their academic fields of study and also have teaching experience.  Generally, however, they do not have a wealth of administrative experience.  To enhance the leadership of the chairs, the provost introduced the first annual Provost's Chairs Retreat in the summer of 2007.  The day long retreats have continued along with two additional two- to three-hour meetings, called the Chairs Forum, each semester during the academic year.  The chairs submit topics and issues to be discussed.

The theme of the 2007 retreat was "Partnering with Department Chairs to Improve Retention and Graduation Rates," [2] In 2008 [3], conversation roundtables gave chairs the opportunity to rotate around to discuss:  (1) "Annual Faculty Review/Promotion & Tenure/Post-tenure Review,"  (2) "Mentoring Junior Faculty," (3) "Registrar's Office & Its Interface," and (4) "Responsibilities of Chairs & the Daily Balancing Act."  The 2009 chairs retreat included presentations on "Retention, Graduation and Advising:  It Takes a Village," and the SACS QEP [4]. The sessions have received high marks on the evaluations [5] [6].

Supporting Documents

[1]     Visual & Performing Arts Program Coordinators and Degree Programs

[2]     Provost's Chairs Retreat 2007, Meeting Notes

[3]     Provost's Chairs Retreat 2008, Meeting Notes

[4]     Provost's Chairs Retreat 2009, Meeting Notes

[5]     Evaluation Results, 2008 Chairs Retreat

[6]     Evaluation Results, 2009 Chairs Retreat

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