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2.0 Core Requirements

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2.6 Continuous Operation PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 05 September 2008 11:34

2.6 Continuous Operation

The institution is in operation and has students enrolled in degree programs.

Responsible Unit: Chancellor's Cabinet

Compliance Judgment



North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A&T), located in Greensboro, NC, is a land-grant university and a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina. A&T was established as a "mechanical college" for the "Colored Race" under the Second Morrill Act, passed by the United States Congress on August 30, 1890. In 1972, A&T became a constituent member of the University of North Carolina and the name was changed to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (see SACS Principle 2.1, Degree-granting authority) [1].

The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research (IPAR) is responsible for the collection of enrollment data at A&T [2]. The enrollment for A&T in fall 2008 totaled 10,388 students (8,828 undergraduate and 1,560 graduate) distributed across eight schools and colleges and two academic delivery units: the Center for Academic Excellence and the Center for Distance Learning [3], and 183 academic programs [4].

Supporting Documents

[1] Undergraduate Bulletin, 2008-2010, Historical Statement

[2] IPAR, Strategic Plan, 2008

[3] Fact Book, Headcount by School and College, 2000-2008

[4] Fact Book, Number of Academic Majors Within Degree Programs

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