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Monday, 08 September 2008 14:36

3.2.1     CEO Evaluation/Selection

The governing board of the institution is responsible for the selection and the periodic evaluation of the chief execution officer.

Responsible Unit: UNC System President/Board of Trustees

Compliance Judgment



Chancellor Selection: The University of North Carolina System (UNC System) Board of Governors is responsible for the selection and evaluation of the chief executive officer (chancellor) of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (A&T). The Code of the Board of Governors for UNC System (The Code), Chapter V section 500B [1] defines the role and powers of the Board of Governors in relationship to the appointment of the institution's chancellor. The Code states that: "The Board of Governors shall elect, on nomination of the president, the chancellor of each of the constituent institutions and fix the chancellor's compensation. The president shall make a nomination from a list of not fewer than two names recommended by the institutional board of trustees."

The bylaws of the board of trustees of North Carolina A&T State University further define the role of the trustees in the chancellor selection process: "In the event of a vacancy in the Chancellorship, the Board of Trustees shall establish a search committee composed of representatives of the Board of Trustees, the faculty, the student body, the alumni, and the community. [2] Upon establishment of the search committee, the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the President shall jointly establish a budget and identify staff for the committee." [3] [4]

Furthermore, when the committee is preparing for interviews, the chair of the search committee makes an initial report to the president with a list of individuals from which the trustees' anticipate making their selection. The president is given the opportunity to interview each candidate. [5]

The selection criteria are based on the duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor's position as presented in the (see SACS 2.3, Chief Executive Officer) [6]; and are the foundation for evaluation. Also the public announcement for the position [7]; and the Leadership Statement published as part of the search process [8] originate from these duties and responsibilities.

North Carolina A&T State University's current and twelfth chancellor, Harold L. Martin, Sr., was approved by the UNC Board of Governors in May 2009 after the initial charge by President Erskine Bowles [4] and a national search conducted under the guidelines listed above. Chancellor Martin assumed the duties of his office on June 8, 2009. Chancellor Martin was not appointed to serve for a specified period. The chancellor's term in office is determined by the Board of Governors upon the recommendations of the President of the UNC System and the Board of Trustees of the institution [9].

Chancellor's Evaluation: Assessment of the chancellor of each constituent institution is the joint responsibility of the president of the UNC System, the UNC Board of Governors, and the board of trustees of each constituent institution.

The assessment process for the chancellor of a constituent university is stated in Section 200.4 of the UNC Policy Manual [10]. The performance review of a chancellor is designed to promote good communication, build and nourish an effective working relationship among the chancellor, the President, the Board of Trustees and the campus constituents. The assessment provides the chancellor with feedback from each of these which supports the strategic directions for achieving the mission of the constituent university and the mission of the UNC System. It also provides the chancellor an opportunity for professional reflection and development. Section 200.4 of the UNC Policy Manual also lays out the performance review procedures and schedule for the chancellors of the constituent institutions:

"1. Every year the chancellor will provide the President with a report assessing goals and accomplishments, [11] a copy of which may be provided to the Board of Trustees. The President will review the performance of the chancellor. The chancellor's report and any written response from the President will be placed in the chancellor's personnel file.

2. In the second spring after the appointment of the chancellor, and every four years thereafter, the Board of Trustees will review the performance of the chancellor. An assessment committee of the Board of Trustees will ask each trustee to fill out a questionnaire developed by the President's office. The results will be shared with the President and reviewed in a meeting of the chancellor, the chair of the Board of Trustees and the President.

3. In the fourth spring after the chancellor's appointment, and every four years thereafter, the President and the Board of Trustees will conduct a comprehensive review of the chancellor's performance [12] that will include major campus constituencies such as faculty, students, and staff. The chairperson of the Board of Trustees will appoint an assessment committee. The Chairperson of the Board of Governors may appoint a member of the Governance Committee or another member of the Board of Governors to participate in the assessment. The assessment committee in consultation with the chancellor and the President may retain an outside consultant to guide the process, to gather written feedback from the Board, to conduct confidential interviews and to assist the committee in the preparation of a report. The final report along with any response from the chancellor and the President and will be placed in the chancellor's personnel file."

Stanley F. Battle, former Chancellor announced his resignation, February 24, 2009 due to family and personal reasons. Chancellor Harold L. Martin, Sr. will have his first performance review by President Bowles in the spring 2010 and by the Board of Trustee in 2011.

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