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QEP Committee Meetings
QEP Committee Meetings
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01-07-09 QEP Minutes
01-11-10 Simkins Scott Meeting Minutes
01-14-09 QEP Minutes
01-20-10 QEP Minutes
01-28-09 QEP Minutes
01-30-08 QEP Minutes
01-30-2008 QEP Meeting Minutes
02-19-10 Meeting Minutes
02-27-08 QEP Minutes
03-03-10 QEP Minutes
03-03-10 QEP Minutes
03-18-09 QEP Minutes
04-01-09 QEP Minutes
04-04-08 QEP Minutes
04-09-08 QEP Minutes
04-22-09 QEP Minutes
04-30-08 QEP Minutes
05-06-09 QEP Minutes
05-15-08 QEP Action Plan Update
05-18-09 Cabinet Meeting on QEP Notes
06-04-09 QEP Minutes
07-14-09 QEP Minutes
07-22-09 Input Session Notes for QEP
08-05-09 Input Session Notes for QEP
08-06-09 QEP Minutes
08-26-09 QEP Minutes
09-03-08 Minutes of the QEP Committee
09-03-08 QEP Minutes
09-23-09 QEP Minutes
09-24-08 Minutes of the QEP Committee
09-24-08 QEP Minutes
10-01-09 Engelmann Donna Meeting Minutes
10-07-09 Stoll Marcy Meeting Minutes
10-08-09 Wabash Researchers Meeting Minutes
10-14-09 QEP Minutes
10-15-08 QEP Minutes
10-21-09 QEP Minutes
10-27-2008 QEP Minutes
10-28-09 QEP Minutes
11-04-09 QEP Minutes
11-05-2008 QEP Minutes
11-08-2007 QEP Minutes
11-08-2007 QEP Minutes
11-10-09 Steering Committee Minutes for QEP
11-11-09 QEP Minutes
11-12-08 QEP Minutes
11-19-08 QEP Minutes
11-24-09 QEP Minutes
11-30-07 QEP Additional Meeting Minutes
11-30-07 QEP Minutes
11-30-2007 QEP Input Meeting
11-30-2007 QEP Minutes
12-02-09 QEP Minutes
9-30-08 QEP Action Plan Revision
Example Subcommittee Report
Phase I Input: Alumni Survey
Phase I Input: Faculty, Staff, Administrator Nominal Group Protocol
Phase I Input: Student and Staff Focus Groups Protocol
Phase II Input: Alumni I-P Survey
Phase II Input: Faculty, Staff, Administrator I-P Survey
Phase II Input: Important-Performance Survey Memo, 1-15-09
Phase II Input: Student I-P Survey
Phase II: CITI Training Email
Phase II: General Business Email Memo
Phase II: IP Survey Development Email Memo
Phase II: IP Survey Development Email Memo 2
QEP Development Plan
QEP Development Plan
Quality Enhancement Plan Committee (Qualifications and Campus Representation)
Status of Student Learning Outcome Achievement
UNC Tomorrow Email Memo

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